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Survival by Book is essays on work, love, friendship, culture, & other life-stuff, usually with a bookish lens, always with a lot of heart, delivered weekly (give or take).

College, a Love Story, is a memoir about growing up fast and fighting for what you love. Excerpts come out once or twice a month.

What readers are saying:

If you don't already subscribe, you really ought to. Courtney is a whip-smart writer, a lover of books and words, and a . . . force to be reckoned with.

Literary North

Courtney is at her best—that’s saying something—when telling her own story. She writes things that remind me of parts of my life; so different but somehow exactly the same. A gift.

–Judith Solberg, creator of Doodle Dispatches

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Courtney Cook
writer, reader, Vermonter, fast-talker
Judith Solberg
The cheerful observations of a New Hampshire artist