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Whatever you’re feeling—fear or loss, excitement or confusion, love or anger, or all of the above—there’s a book (or poem, or essay, or quote) that can meet you.

Books fuel what we do: the technology we build and use, the things we do for work, the decisions we make about our relationships and families. Books also make sense of why we do what we do. They make our challenges more endurable, or beautiful, or universal—and offer wisdom to get us through.

Survival by Book is dedicated to the big questions and the books that answer them.

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What readers are saying:

If you don't already subscribe, you really ought to. Courtney is a whip-smart writer, a lover of books and words, and a . . . force to be reckoned with.

Literary North

Courtney is at her best—that’s saying something—when telling her own story. She writes things that remind me of parts of my life; so different but somehow exactly the same. A gift.

–Judith Solberg, creator of Doodle Dispatches

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essays dedicated to the big questions and the books that answer them


Courtney Cook

writing my way through the everyday apocalypse

Judith Solberg

The cheerful observations of a New Hampshire artist